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We are South Doyle'sTeam FTW, Winner of the Battle for the Bluegrass 2017 Robotics Competition at Lynn Camp High School in Corbin, Kentucky. Winners of The "Highest Rookie Seed" award and "Rookie All Star Award" at the 2017 Smokey Mountain Regional Tournament.


We are slowly but surely making our way to the top as we not only improve our strategy but also the amount of support we received is undescribable. This year, our true hard work and dedication have paid off, We came in 1st, Winner of the Battle for the BlueGrass 2017 Robotics Competition at Lynn Camp High School.


The South-Doyle Robotics team competed at the Smoky Mountain Regional Tournament and won big! Our students earned the Rookie All-Star and Highest Seeded Rookie team award out of 48 schools competing. This earned us a qualifying spot at the World Championship in Houston, TX, and a chance to represent South-Doyle on the international stage.


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Research and Development Engineer
Y-12 National Security Complex

— Michael DeVinney

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Spanish Teacher
Softball Coach

— Kathleen McNamara

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Engineering mentor, photographer, shuttle/truck driver, and occasional cheerleader.

— Jim McDaniel


Adam Mcdaniel

Addison Cable

Addison Cable

Andrew Nguyen

Austin Tindell

Carl Triana

Ewan Johnson

Grace Sdhs

Grace Washam

Hannah Lenhart

Harrison Candino

Hayden Spain

Holly Everett

Kailey Garrison

Kathleen Mcnamara

Melody Hubbard

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

Mohammad Islam

Naya Brinsaon

Noah Miller

Sarah Correa

Sarah Mcdaniel

Sarah Mcdaniel

Taniya Brinson

The No Life

Thomas Akers

Vicky Chakpuang